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To promote, educate and implement Polygraph to the best of our ability no matter how devastating the truth may be.


 To provide the client with the highest scientific evidence with the use of the polygraph instrument.

 To obtain factual information for the client’s needs.


Richard Salinas has been providing polygraph services since 1998. Examiners are respected and recognized nationwide.  Our examiners are often called upon to provide consultation to other polygraph examiners and give their opinion on their polygraph examinations. Also conduct polygraph examinations in the Spanish community and have worked for many attorneys on their civil and criminal cases. Our examiners have conducted polygraph examinations on murder, rape, robbery, and child molestation suspects. The Los Angeles County Public Safety Police also utilized our services to conduct pre-employment testing of their applicants for their department. Our client’s include, major oil and pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, restaurants, grocery, and hotels chains. We are proud and honored to work for the smallest company, as we are for the largest of corporations. We give lectures to groups and associations on the use of the polygraph and how it relates to employees and the work place, The Employee Polygraph Protection Act 1988 (EPPA). We have been appointed to the Los Angeles County Superior Court panel of experts - Criminal Division.


 Contractor – Department of Defense: NAICS 561611, NAICS 5411, NAICS 5112, NAICS 42342, NAICS 5416 Areas of service: Polygraph Examination & Consultation.

 Homeland Security

 State, County and Municipal

 Other Federal Government Contractor’s


 ASTM - Committee E52 on Forensic Psychophysiology Subcommittees: Quality Control * Examiner Education & Training* Ethics in Administration of PDD Test * Terminology

 Graduated from Los Angeles Institute of Polygraph - Los Angeles, CA – 1998

 National Polygraph Association - Las Vegas, NV 2009 (Polygraph Testing, R and I Techniques, Utah Polygraph Technique, Update on Counter Measurers)

 2009 Received Certificate from NPA and ASTM for completing 100 additional hours of Polygraph/ Forensic Psychophysiology.

 National Polygraph Association - Las Vegas, NV 2008

 State of California - Polygraph Instructor – Valid from 07/07/05 – 07/07/08 Cert Number: COAFS-05-380499

 National Polygraph Association – Las Vegas, NV 1998 through 2007,

(Best Practices – Validated PDD Techniques, Principles of Chart Analysis, Multiple Issue Screening, PCSOT, Pre-Employment Screening)

 American Polygraph Association – Las Vegas, NV 2006

(Legal update, False Confessions, Pre-Test, Updated Chart Analysis, Validated Techniques, PCSOT, CIT Training,)

 John E. Reid and Associates – Anaheim, CA - 2006

(Training in Interviewing and Interrogations)

 American College of Forensic Studies – Polygraph Instructor

 Attends = Minimum Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) by the State Bar of California

 Jeffer, Mangels, Butler & Marmaro LLP - 2005 (4 hours)

Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP – 2006 (6 hours)

 Sex Offender Testing Certified (Bilingual Testing Also)

 CIT Certified - Trained by Department of Defense - Instructor Don Krapohl




 Montebello Unified School District – Eastmont Intermediate (Career Week) 2004

 Hillview Middle School – School Site Council 2008 - 2009

 Vice-Chairman – School Site Council 2008 - 2009


 Downtown Magnets High School – LAUSD 2009

 Rio Hondo District Paralegals Association – Whittier, CA 2005

 Los Angeles County Criminal Defense Investigators Association - 2003

 Whittier Chamber of Commerce - 2004


 National Polygraph Association

 The Reid Institute

 Los Angeles Criminal Defense Investigators Association

 Latin American Law Enforcement Association

 American Standards For Testing Materials International

 The Better Business Bureau

 Iowa Polygraph Society


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