Complete Polygraph Services

When is Polygraph used

Suspicions of Infidelity * Sexual Harassment* Employee Theft * Deception * Liars * Criminal Charges * Civil Disputes * Child Molestion * Rape  Divorce Cases * Murder Cases *  Drug use * Child Custody 

Do you Suspect Your Husband or Wife of Cheating? Call Us

Do you Suspect Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend of Cheating? Call Us

If you Have a Criminal Matter or Situation? Call Us

Who uses our Polygraph Service

Husbands and Wives * Companies * Corporations

Marital and Family Conselors * Federal Law Enforcement Agencies * Sheriff's Departments Police Departments * Public Defenders Office Defense Attorneys * Parole Departments

Probation Departments 

We provide FREE ESTIMATES.... Give us a Call or Send an Email (Please describe your situation)

Discounts: Military(Active or Retired) NRA * AAA * AARP


Fastest and Cheapest way to Catch a Cheating Spouse

Call 323-445-1584

Peoplelie Provides Full Polygraph Services to Individuals, Companys Needing Information Right Away.  Our Fully Trained and Expert Polygraph Examiners are Dedicated in Ascertaining the Truth.

Cheating Spouse * Liars *  Marital or Domestic: Suspicions of infidelity * Criminal Charges

  Civil Disputes * Sexual Harassment * Sex Offender Testing * Employee  Theft * Drug Use

Corporate * Personal Cases 

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